Capstone Design

The undergraduate programs in the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering culminate in a significant design experience delivered through a Capstone Design course.

Students carry out the design and economic assessment of a major, environmentally sound process in chemical and/or biological engineering. Students work in teams under the supervision of a faculty advisor and, when possible, are mentored by a practicing professional engineer from industry to ensure relevance and quality.

The Capstone Design project is a unique and tremendously beneficial experience for students and we are very appreciative of the industry professionals who dedicated time to the review of the Capstone projects and who provided valuable feedback to students. We also thank the industry sponsors for assisting students in the development and successful completion of their projects.

If you, or your company would like to be involved in capstone projects next year, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Jonathan Verrett or fill out the industry participation survey.

2021 Design and Innovation Day Award Winners

AwardWinning Team
Chemical and Biological Engineering Program (CHBE 453)
Single Cell Protein Production for Animal Feed
Group B4

Chemical Engineering Program (CHBE 454)
Treating British Columbia's Acid Mine Drainage
Group P4

Chemical Engineering Program (CHBE 454)
Production of Renewable Natural Gas: Methanation of Carbon Dioxide Using Hydrogen Obtained Through Water Electrolysis
Group P9

Colin Oloman People's Choice Award
Thermochemical Graphite Synthesis from Biomass Carbonization
Group P1

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