We hold world-class reputations in several areas of chemical engineering science, providing innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing local and global challenges to industry and society. We are actively engaged in applied research, supported in part by external funding of more than $12 million per year.

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Harnessing cellular and biomolecular processes in the development of new products to benefit mankind.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Integrating biotechnology with traditional chemical engineering to provide healthy land, water and air for habitation.

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Process Engineering

Simulation and computational modelling give clear insights into the nature of complex chemical processes.

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Energy and Materials

Engaging in the global effort to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to energy challenges and preserving our environment.

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Engineering Education

Our team of world-class educators are leaders in the development of modern engineering education programs and novel instructional resources.


The Department facilities include a building with extensive custom research labs designed for quality world class research activities. CHBE benefits from the integration of Clean Energy Research Centre as part of the Department facilities. The department also collaborates with research in multidisciplinary Research Centres at UBC including:

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