The unique training of UBC Chemical and Biological engineers positions them to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.

Chemical and biological engineers are stewards of the environment. We design, build and operate sustainable manufacturing and industrial processes for the production of superior medicines, clean water, cleaner fuels and materials, and cutting-edge medical technologies to benefit mankind.


Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering program focuses on the analysis, design, process control, operation and management of chemical processes to provide society with clean fuels and energy, safe foods and water, improved health, green products, and more.

Chemical and Biological Engineering

The Chemical and Biological Engineering program allows students to combine interests in life sciences with engineering through understanding of biotechnology, chemical and food bioprocessing, environmental services, pharmaceuticals, and biomedical engineering.


Undergraduate lab

Undergraduate lab tour

Take a virtual tour of our undergraduate labs, where students do hands-on experiments to connect classroom theories with real-world applications.

World Class Educational Experience

Our programs combine classroom instruction with hands-on training in learning laboratories. Students expand their horizons through co-op placements, industrial site visits and research opportunities.

Rewarding Careers

Our degrees open doors to career opportunities in Canada and abroad. Our graduates work in the renewable energy, resources, environmental, food, medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sectors.

Learn From the Best

We have passionate, award-winning instructors and researchers. Our research faculty are globally recognised leaders in their fields.


Students studying

The CHBE programs share foundations in chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics, a core of engineering science courses and courses on technical communications, and complementary studies. Both programs strongly emphasize sustainability, green engineering practices, and environmental protection.

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Student and alumni stories

Learn what it is like to be a CHBE student by listening to student experiences, following a student for a day, or taking a virtual tour of our labs. Explore the entrepreneurial work done by CHBE Researchers and Alumni.

Student working in the undergraduate lab

Student stories

Explore our playlist of student persepectives, including a day in the life of a CHBE student, student vlogs, interviews, and more.

Student tightening a valve with a wrench

Working as a chemical engineer

Learn how we are helping to bring better water treatment for Indigenous communities, take a tour of the Battery Research Lab, watch CHBE alumni interviews, and more.

Career opportunities

Chemical and Biological Engineers work in Canada and abroad to innovate sustainable technologies and solutions to provide society with the products and processes required to build a healthy, green, sustainable future. Graduates of our programs pursue careers in research, government and non-government organization or become entrepreneurs.

Graduates from UBC Chemical and Biological Engineering have critical roles as leaders in….

  • Smart and Biodegradable Materials
  • Carbon Capture Technology to Reduce GHGs
  • Clean Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Better, More Affordable Healthcare
  • Sustainable Management of Natural Resources
  • Sustainable Production of Healthy Food
  • Sustainable Development Consultant
  • Sustainable Forest-based Products
  • Systems Engineering
  • Zero Carbon Emission Fuels and Energy