Room and Resource Bookings

The UBC CHBE MRBS can be used to book CHBE meeting rooms, the autoclave (4th floor) and Stores appointments. To use system:

  • Click on “Areas” to see the resource to be booked.  Along the bottom of the page, click on “View Day”, “View Week” or “View Month” and the appropriate date to see other dates. View Day shows all rooms. On Week and Month, select the resources of interest.
  • Click on a time and a booking window open to request a booking.

Room Bookings

  • Recurring room bookings can be made but room bookings are for the term only.
  • Room bookings will be confirmed by email.
  • The CHBE Rooms are in high demand. Priority for room bookings are:
    • Academic uses (lectures, tutorials, exams, etc.). CHBE 318 and 314 are restricted access and may only be booked for undergraduate use.
    • Department administration
    • Faculty requests
    • Undergraduate student requirements
    • Other department user requests
    • Other APSC user requests
      • There may be the occasions when confirmed bookings will be requested to switch rooms or adjust times.
  • Users are requested to cancel their booking if it is no longer necessary. Users who have repeat bookings but do not use the room will have their repeat bookings cancelled.

If you have any issues with accessing the Resource Booking System or with making a booking, please email