Laundry services

Stores provides lab coat laundry service, typically a 2-day turnaround.


  • In the CHBE order system, place an order for CHBE Lab Coat Laundry Service
  • All lab coats are to have room # and name of individual marked on collar of lab coat using a permanent marker for identification purposes.
  • Bag the lab coats (batches of 5 labcoats per wash)
  • Mark the bag with the CHBE order number
  • Book drop off of the bagged labcoats in UBC CHBE MRBS (VPN required) and drop off the bag.
  • You will receive an email when the labcoats are ready for pickup.
  • Book an appointment in UBC CHBE MRBS to pick up the laundered lab coats.


Rates are $5/labcoat (subject to change).