Computer orders


  • UBC computers including those ordered using UBC research funds, must be encrypted. On delivery, Stores will submit an IT ticket and will send the computer to UBC IT for set-up.
    • Encryption
    • Installation of anti-virus software
    • Installation of Microsoft Office Suite
    • CWL log-on set-up
    • Installation of VPN
    • If additional UBC provided software is required, add a note to the CHBE order.
  • The IT ticket number will be added to the CHBE order number.
  • User to contact UBC IT referencing the ticket number:
    • If local Administrative login is required to allow end user to install computer software.
    • To discuss computers that are part of a computer equipment upgrade/purchase. These computers are dedicated to specific pieces of equipment but there are cases where computer may be a dual purpose laptop.

Computer Purchases from Outside of UBC IT

  • Submit a ticket to the Faculty of Applied Science – IT Help Desk prior to purchasing any computer. APSC IT will review the hardware and make recommendations or alternate suggestions.
  • If you do not consult the APSC IT Help Desk prior to purchasing, they may recommend returning the computer if it doesn’t meet their requirements for support.
  • All warranty services will be managed by the purchaser of the computer, not by APSC IT.
  • If you are interested in used computers, computers need to be in good working order from a company that provides certified refurbished computers.
  • Please see Support my Computer for more information on the requirements that the APSC IT team can support. IT will still request that you check with them prior to purchasing.

Support Requirements for Windows Computer

All the following conditions must be met:

  • Your computer you are using will require you to login with your CWL/EAD login. You may also see a message when you login on Windows 10 systems saying “Sign in to: EAD”.
  • The computer is a UBC owned device.
  • Your computer meets the following hardware requirements:
    • Has a TPM 2.0 chip to support encryption
    • Has an SSD hard drive (as opposed to spinning disk)
    • Has at least 8GB of RAM
  • The computer is able to meet UBC’s Minimum Cybersecurity Controls.
  • The custodian of the device is a supported UBC unit or employee of the supported unit.
  • The computer is no more than 8 years old.