Order Receiving and Pick-Up


  • When the materials arrive and are received, notification is sent to requestor who placed the order.
  • On receipt of email notification that items are available, use UBC CHBE MRBS (VPN required) to make an appointment to schedule safe pick-up including pick-up/drop-off of compressed gas cylinders.
  • Select Date range at bottom of page.
  • Select Stores PickUp and Gas Cylinders or Orders
    • Select a date and time (allow at least two hours for order prep).  
    • Enter your name, email address, order number(s) and any helpful details.
    • Save form.
    • Note: to access Stores, Requestor must have access to the Stores/Workshop Hall.
    • At the selected time, go to Stores to pick up your orders/gas cylinders. Items will be placed on a table outside of Stores. Non-hazardous compressed gas cylinders are in the courtyard in gas racks. Compressed gases that are explosives, poisonous or oxidizers are  stored in locked storage and you will need to request the key from the Storekeeper.
    • Items not picked up by end of day will be returned to Stores and a new appointment needs to booked in UBC CHBE MRBS.
    • Compressed gases and liquid nitrogen handling:
      • Ensure cylinders in racks are properly secured.
      • Strap cylinders securely onto carts before moving.
      • Return cylinder carts after you have moved your cylinders.
      • Liquid nitrogen – do not travel in elevator with liquid nitrogen.
    • Requesters are to add chemicals purchased to their lab chemical inventory.
    • If you have any questions, email chbe.stores@ubc.ca
      • Do not come to Stores to inquire. Phone and Zoom calls can also be coordinated as needed.