Stores Inventory

Item Description Vendor/Brand
1600 System Multi-purpose Enamel Sprays Rust-Oleum
377 Gunslinger gloves, large Atson gloves
377 Gunslinger gloves, medium Atson gloves
3M 292 duck tape 3M
70% Sterile Isopropanol 32oz. Spray
Item Description Vendor/Brand
Acid Neutralizer Ward’s Science
Alcaline battery, 9V
Alcaline battery, AA
Alcaline battery, AAA
All-purpose paint brush, polyester Crown-Meakins
AlphaTec Sol-Vex Chemical Resistant nitrile Gloves, Medium Ansell
Aluminium tin foil
Autoclave tape Fisherbrand
BAKERBOND spe Octadecyl Avantor
Band-aid Johnson & Johnson
Barricade tape
Barrier tape S-2183 Uline
BD Vacutainer Blood Collection Tubes Fisher Scientific
Beaker tongs Fisherbrand
Beaker, 50 mL VWR
Beaker, 150 mL VWR
Beaker, 250 mL VWR
Beaker, 600 mL VWR
Beaker, 800 mL VWR
Beaker, 1000 mL Fisher Scientific
Beaker, 2000 mL Fisher Scientific
Best gloves, neoprene Showa
Carbon copy notebook
Caulk gun Newborn
Caustic Neutralizer Ward’s Science
Centrifuge tubes / Falcon tubes, 15 ml VWR
Centrifuge tubes / Falcon tubes, 50 ml VWR
Chem Master gloves, neoprene Showa
Chemical splash goggle Fisherbrand
Citranox Acid Cleaner and Detergent (dilute to 2% solution) Alconox
Condenser Jacket, 200 mm Liebig Corning
Condenser Jacket, 3 bulb Allihn Corning
Cylinder, 5 mL Fisherbrand
Cylinder, 10 mL Corning
Cylinder, 25 mL Corning
Cylinder, 25 mL VWR
Cylinder, 1000 mL Corning
Decidamp ear plugs
Disposable Aluminum Weighing Dish, 50mL, 08-732-110 Fisherbrand
Dissecting Fine-Pointed Forceps, 08880 Fisherbrand
Dry Film PTFE Lubricant LPS
Erlenmeyer flask, 125 mL VWR
Erlenmeyer flask, 250 mL VWR
Erlenmeyer flask, 500 mL VWR
Ethernet cable, 15′ PC Cable World
Face Mask
Face shield
Filter papers, 42
Filter papers, P8, 110 mm Fisherbrand
Full Facepiece, Large 3M
Item Description Vendor/Brand
General purpose vinyl electrical tape 3M Temflex
Glass Waste Plastic Bag 6 mil 20×36″
Glove heat resist gauntlet Grainger
Gloves, XS
Gloves, S
Gloves, M
Gloves, L
Gloves, XL
Gorilla Epoxy Gorilla
Half Facepiece, Medium 3M
Half Facepiece, Large 3M
Hand sanitizer, 236ml
Hand sanitizer, 1L
Hand scrub brush, small
Hand scrub brush, 5′
Hand soap
Hand soap dispenser
Heating cable
Heavy duty Utility Cutter Staples
Heavy-Duty/Utility Funnel Fisherbrand
High-pressure/vacuum Polyethylene tubing McMaster-Carr
Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kit HACH
Kimwipes Delicate Task Wipes, Small KIMTECH
Kimwipes Delicate Task Wipes, Large KIMTECH
Kleenex tissue Kleenex
KN95 Pariculate Respirator TO-Medicare
Lab notebook, gridded Fisherbrand
Lab notebook, lined Fisherbrand
Labeling tape, 159015A Fisherbrand
Labeling tape, 15901R Fisherbrand
Latex Green Contact Adhesive, 1L 3M
Light duty apparel, coveralls KleenGuard
Light duty cord, 5m, 3 outlets Woods
Liquinox Critical-Cleaning Liquod Detergent Alconox
Lithium coin cell battery, 3V
Lysol Spray
Lysol Wipes
Mini dustpan and brush set, pack of 2 set Mr. Siga
Mini spill response kit
Neutral Litmus Paper
Nickel Anti-Seize LOCTITE
Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge/P100 Filter 3M
Item Description Vendor/Brand
Paper towel
Parafilm, 2 in Sigma-Aldrich
Parafilm, 4 in Sigma-Aldrich
Petri Dishes with Clear Lid, FB0875712 Fisherbrand
pH paper 13640507
Photo electronic battery, 532 size
Pipe clamp, 3/8 to 7/8 in, Stainless Steel TRIDON
Pipe clamp, 7/16 to 1 in, Stainless Steel TRIDON
Pipe clamp, 1-9/16 to 2-1/2 in, Stainless Steel TRIDON
Pipe clamp, 2-5/15 to 4-1/4 in, Stainless Steel TRIDON
Pipe clamp, 3 to 5 in, Stainless Steel TRIDON
Pipe clamp, 3-3/4 to 5-3/4 in, Stainless Steel TRIDON
Pipe Cleaner Brushes, 5mm Fisher Scientific
Pipe insulation wrap
plastic bags 4×6″ Uline
plastic bags 9×26”
plastic bags 22×36”
Plastic tube, 3/16 in, 5/16 in, 50 ft, 1/16 in Fisher Scientific
Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing, APST-0063-0188L, 50′ AdvantaPure
Safety glasses Fisherbrand
Safety goggles UVEX
Sanding Sheet WestWard
Scigrip 16 Cement, Acrylics Scigrip
Scigrip 55 Urethane, Polycarbonate substrates Scigrip
Scoopula Handle, 5″ Wooden Fisherbrand
Scoopula Spatula Fisherbrand
Scotch tape Staples
Screw compressor clamp, open jaw HUMBOLDT
Self fusing electrical tape McMaster Carr
Sharps Collection & Disposal Container, 1482763 Fisherbrand
Snoop Liquid Leak Detector, 8 oz. Swagelok
Sorb-x Wet Mop, Large Atlas-Graham
Sparkleen 1 Detergent Fisherbrand
Speaker wire, 16-gauge/1,3 sq mm Amazonbasics
Spill-X-A acid neutralizer
Spill-X-C caustic neutralizer
Spill-X-S solvent adsorbent spill treatment
Stainless Stell Micro Spatulas, Double-ended, tapered and rounded ends Fisherbrand
Stealth RX carrier UVEX
Steel wool pad grade 1
Steel Wool Soap Pads Clorox
SurgeArrest 6-outlet Surge Protector APC
SWAK Anaerobic thread sealant with PTFE Swagelok
Taflon tape, 1/2″ Uline
Taflon tape, 3/4″ Uline
Ten Bond Contact Cement, 1L 3M
Thermocouple wire Omega
Tweezers, curved, 08875 Fisherbrand
Tweezers, straight, 08880 Fisherbrand
Viking V2 Earmuff Honeywell
VITLAB Funnel, 89012-338 VWR
Weighing Dish, Polystyrene, Hexagonal, Non-Sterile, 02-202-100 Fisherbrand
Weighing Dish, Polystyrene, Hexagonal, Non-Sterile, 02-202-101 Fisherbrand
Weighing Dish, Polystyrene, Hexagonal, Non-Sterile, 02-202-102 Fisherbrand
Weighing Paper, 09-898-12B Fisherbrand
Whatman filter paper, grade 4
Whatman filter paper, grade 50
White paper rolls
Wood glue Titebond