CHBE Graduate Students can refer to the CHBE Graduate Handbook for the course requirements for their program. Research students must consult with their supervisors before registering for courses including courses taken outside of the department.
Course offerings change annually.

CHBE Graduate Courses – 2022W

CHBE 502Biomass Fractionation Chemistry23
CHBE 505F*Introduction to Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers13
CHBE 550FAdvanced Reactor Design13
CHBE 551 FEngineering Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics23
CHBE 552 Optimization Methods23
CHBE 553 FMath Operations in Chemical Engineering13
CHBE 554 FMomentum, Heat and Mass Transfer23
CHBE 560 F>Biological Engineering23
CHBE 563Applied Heterogeneous Catalysis23
CHBE 564Industrial Biotechnology Lab.23
CHBE 565FAdvanced Process Control/Analytics13
CHBE 5751Air Pollution Control13
CHBE 5772Electrochemical Science, Engineering & Technology23
CHBE 5833Energy Engineering13
CHBE 5874Interfacial Phenomena23
CHBE 5885
Carbon Capture, Conversion and Sequestration Technologies
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CHBE 596Engineering Report1 & 26
CHBE 597Masters Thesis Proposal1 & 22
CHBE 598Seminar1 & 21
CHBE 697PhD Thesis Proposal1 & 22


F        Fundamental course
F*      Core for Non-Chemical Engineering Background. Instructor permission required
>       Limited seats
*       Instructor permission required

1Credit will be granted for only one of CHBE 485 or CHBE 575
2Credit will be granted for only one of CHBE 477 or CHBE 577
3Credit will be granted for only one of CHBE 483 or CHBE 583
4Credit will be granted for only one of CHBE 487 or CHBE 587
5Credit will be granted for only one of CHBE 488 or CHBE 588
6Credit will be granted for only one of GBPR 501 or CHBE402

Note: Course schedule is subject to change.
CEEN 501 Is not a permissible course for CHBE students