Graduate Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Information for Prospective Graduate Students

Due to the closure of IELTS/TOEFL examination centres, I haven’t been able to do my examination. Will you make an exception for my admission?

An ELP requirement can not be waived for application. If you are unable to complete your IELTS or TOEFL test score by our evaluation period (April-May for the MENG program & January-May for research-based programs), unfortunately, your application will be considered incomplete. We recommend you apply to our next intake, to allow for sufficient time to submit your test scores.

Graduate Program Admissions

What degrees are offered?

Graduate degrees offered through Chemical and Biological Engineering are:
• The degree of PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
• The degree of MASc (Master of Applied Science, Thesis-based program)
• The degree of MSc (Master of Science, Thesis-based program)
• The degree of MEng (Master of Engineering, Course-based program)

How do I apply & what’s the application process? 

Applications for MASc, MSc and PhD graduate studies are managed through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Visit their pages to obtain detailed information regarding the application process.
MEng applicants should apply directly to the program.
To check the status of your application please log in to My Applications.

Is there an application fee for Graduate studies?

There are non-refundable application fees and fees are valid for one year only. Fees can be paid by credit card.

What documents do I have to submit with my application? 

Documents that are required to be uploaded for your application to be considered complete include:

*Grade Sheets do not count as official transcripts. Please ensure your transcripts submitted follow the University’s Guidelines.

** Since English is the primary language of instruction and communication at UBC, all applicants must be proficient in English before admission.  Applicants from a university outside Canada in which English is not the primary language of instruction within the institution must provide results of an English proficiency examination as part of their application. For more information visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies English Proficiency Requirements.

Do I have to contact a supervisor after I submit an application? 

Applicants who intend on applying to our research Master’s programs (MASc and MSc) and the PhD program, may contact a supervisor within our faculty for admission after an application is submitted. Please submit an application through the application portal, and provide your prospective supervisor with your UBC Student Number.
Our MEng program is course-based and does not require you to contact a supervisor after submitting an application.

Do I have to secure a supervisor before applying?

All submitted applications will be considered. Once all documents (see question 4) have been submitted, your application is circulated among eligible professors and applicants will be contacted for further interviews, or to provide additional information by your prospective supervisor. All application status updates will be communicated directly through the application portal.

Can I submit my documents after the application deadline? What about my reference letters?

Unfortunately, once our document deadline has passed, we will not be accepting any more application materials. Thank you for your understanding.
The deadline to submit references for your application is listed on your graduate program application portal. Once this deadline has passed, the portal will be closed and references can no longer be uploaded to your application.

What are the course fees for the program?

Please click your corresponding program for tuition information; our IELTS/TOEFL score requirements can also be found in the ‘requirements’ tab:  MASc/MSc | PhD | MEng 

Is there financial support provided by the department?

The department provides financial support to successful candidates for our MASc, MSc and PhD programs.
A Graduate Research Assistantship is offered to all admitted research-based students. The funding amount is dependent on the student’s program. The GRA is financial support in the form of a stipend for research-based Graduate Students and can be used towards Tuition and Living expenses. Our program guarantees this GRA for admitted research students for the first 2 years for MASc/MSc students, and the first 4 years for PhD students.
MEng. students do not receive any stipend from the Department.
Other scholarships and awards opportunities: The Department encourages students to apply for scholarships, fellowships, awards, grants and TA-ships both internally and externally. More award information can be found at the Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarships, Awards and Funding.

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