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The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering offers accredited programs leading to the Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering and to the Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering.


Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering program focuses on the analysis, design, process control, operation and management of chemical processes to provide society with clean fuels and energy, safe foods and water, improved health, green products, and more.

Chemical and Biological Engineering

The Chemical and Biological Engineering program allows students to combine interests in life sciences with engineering through understanding of biotechnology, chemical and food bioprocessing, environmental services, pharmaceuticals, and biomedical engineering.


The programs share foundations in physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology, and a core of courses that are central to the design, development and management of industrial manufacturing processes and new green technologies. Both programs strongly emphasize sustainability, green engineering practices, and environmental engineering. Students will take program-specific hands-on laboratory courses in 3rd year and can further customize their degree with specialized technical electives. To see the full list of courses for each program, please see our course schedule.

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