Delivery of items not ordered through stores

Stores can receive research or department items that are not ordered through CHBE. However, Stores must be advised of the incoming items.


  • To ensure that Stores can safely handle items delivered to CHBE, stores must be apprised about the items prior to the delivery date. This includes no-charge samples, equipment and items from research partners and suppliers.
  • For items which are not purchased, fill the CHBE Deliveries and Shipments form.
  • When completing the survey, a speedchart for delivery and customs clearance charges must be provided.
  • Provide your name and lab number/location to Shipper/Supplier and request that they label the package.
  • Shippers must include MSDS for samples. Materials must be packaged to prevent damage and meet all TDG requirements.
  • Note that CHBE cannot be responsible for deliveries that go missing as we do not sign for deliveries.
  • CHBE Stores cannot accept:
    • Personal items.  These are to be delivered to your home.
    • Damaged packages
    • Unidentified or unexpected delivery items
  • Delivered packages will be handled in the same way as orders.  You will receive an email when ordered items have been received in Stores. 
    • For SAFE, no-contact pick-up, use UBC CHBE MRBS (VPN required) to book a time for pick-up of delivered items.