Technical Electives

Students should consult the Academic Calendar for course availability and pre-requisites. Electives may be cancelled if enrolment is low or if a suitable instructor is not available.

Students must take a minimum of 6 technical elective credits from CHBE courses.

Syllabi are uploaded as available at the time and are subject to change.


CHBE 373
Water and Wastewater Technology and EngineeringCHML/CHBE4
CHBE 402
Biomass Fractionation TechnologyCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 410
Metabolic Engineering and Systems BiologyCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 451
Engineering Thermodynamics and Statistical MechanicsCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 472
Technologies for Human and Environmental HeathCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 473
Environmental Engineering and Sustainability LeadershipCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 4744
Process Control EngineeringCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 476
Advanced Process Engineering and SimulationCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 477
Fuel Cell and Electrochemical EngineeringCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 478
Polymer Science and ProcessingCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 482
Energy Systems Modelling, Simulation and OptimizationCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 483
Energy Engineering for Climate Change and SustainabilityCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 485
Air Pollution Prevention and Air Quality EngineeringCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 486
Waste Mitigation and Processing for Resource RecoveryCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 487
Interfacial PhenomenaCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 488
Carbon Capture, Conversion and Sequestration TechnologiesCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 4911Thesis ProposalCHML/CHBE1
CHBE 4921Thesis (following CHBE 491)CHML/CHBE5
CHBE 4952Thesis Proposal-Biotechnology TopicCHML/CHBE1
CHBE 4962Thesis-Biotechnology Topic (following CHBE 495)CHML/CHBE5
CHBE 410Systems Biology and Metabolic Engineering – NEWCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 5545Momentum, Heat and Mass TransferCHML/CHBE3
CHBE 381
Biological Engineering and Bio-Manufacturing ICHML3
CHBE 481
Biological Engineering and Bio-Manufacturing IICHML4
APSC 278Engineering MaterialsCHBE3
CHBE 471
Chemical Process EngineeringCHBE4


1CHBE 491 and CHBE 492 must be taken together.
2CHBE 495 and CHBE 496 must be taken together.
3Students completing the Minor in Science Program may use one 3-credit course that is used to fulfill the minor requirement (300/400 level Science) as technical elective credit, subject to approval by a Program Advisor. Please contact for further information.
4Students in the Chemical Engineering program who took CHBE 356 (3) instead of CHBE 356 (4) must take CHBE 474.
5Permission for graduate course required. Please fill out the request form.


APSC 486New Venture Design6
BMEG 372Biomedical Materials and Drug Delivery3
BMEG 373Microfluidics3
BIOC 202Introductory Medicinal Biochemistry3
BIOC 302General Biochemistry3
BIOL 200Fundamentals of Cell Biology3
BIOL 201Intro to Biochemistry3
CAPS 391Introduction to Gross Human Anatomy3
CHEM 302Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry3
CHEM 405Biophysical Chemistry3
FNH 301Food Chemistry3
FNH 309Food Processing3
FNH 313Food Microbiology3
MINE 486Mining and the Environment 3
MTRL 358Hydrometallurgy I3
MTRL 458Hydrometallurgy II3
MTRL 495Biomaterials3
PHYS 305Introduction to Biophysics3
Students can only take a maximum of 3 credits from the following courses:
APSC 440Management Fundamentals for Technology-Based Product Marketing and Development3
COMR 329 *Principles of Organizational Behaviour3
COMR 398 *Introduction to Business Processes and Operations3
COMR 457 *Fundamentals of Financial Accounting3
COMR 458 *Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting 3
COMR 465 *Marketing Management3
COMR 473 *Business Finance3
ENVR 410Energy, Environment, and Society3
MECH 495Industrial Engineering3
MECH 496Engineering Management3
MINE 405Introduction to Risk Management for Mining and Large Industrial Projects3


*Only for students with 3 or more TE’s. For students with 2 TE’s, COMR 457 is permitted for students with a COMM minor.

Non-approved Technical Electives

To receive credit towards the technical elective program requirement for courses not found on the Approved Technical Elective list, students must seek permission from an undergraduate program advisor before the student takes the course.

To request permission, email Permission to take a technical elective is at the instructor’s discretion should any pre-requisites be incomplete.

Students may choose to take electives in categories that align with their interests within various areas of study. These specializations are a guideline for course selection.


CHBE 451Engineering Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics3
CHBE 474Process Control Engineering3
CHBE 477Fuel Cell and Electrochemical Engineering 3
CHBE 478Polymer Science and Processing3
CHBE 487Interfacial Phenomena3


CHBE 373Water and Wastewater Technology and Engineering4
CHBE 483Energy Engineering for Climate Change and Sustainability3
CHBE 484Green Engineering for Cyclic Economy3
CHBE 485Air Pollution Prevention and Air Quality Engineering3
CHBE 486Waste Mitigation and Processing for Resource Recovery3

Clean Energy

CHBE 477Fuel Cell and Electrochemical Engineering3
CHBE 482Energy Systems Modelling, Simulation and Optimization3
CHBE 483Energy Engineering for Climate Change and Sustainability3
CHBE 488Carbon Capture, Conversion, and Sequestration Technologies3

Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing

CHBE 381Biological Engineering and Biomanufacturing I3
CHBE 402Biomass Fractionation Technology3
CHBE 410Systems Biology and Metabolic Engineering3
CHBE 472Technologies for Human and Environmental Health3
CHBE 478Polymer Science and Processing3
CHBE 487Interfacial Phenomena3

Advanced Computational Methods

CHBE 476Advanced Process Engineering and Simulation3
CHBE 482Energy Systems Modelling, Simulation and Optimization3