Meghan Cooke Wins CEMF Undergraduate Ambassador Award

Photo of Meghan Cooke sitting outside, near a fountain, on the UBC campus.

UBC Chemical and Biological Engineering student (CHBE), Meghan Cooke, is the recipient of the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation (CEMF) 2022 Rona Hatt Engineering Ambassador Award !

This $5,000 scholarship is awarded annually in memory of Rona Hatt, an alumna of the UBC Chemical Engineering program and recognized as the first Canadian female chemical engineering graduate. The CEMF supports women in engineering in Canada through scholarships such as the one Meghan received. All scholarship winners are ambassadors for the profession and are selected based on leadership, volunteerism, and their ability to be a role model for others.

“By receiving this award, it shows that I’ve persevered through a tough year and came out on top. It also shows that despite what was happening in my personal life, I was still able to support others and make a difference in my community, which is extremely important to me,” says Meghan about winning the scholarship.

Meghan has been exceptional in her participation and leadership in student teams, student activities and residence life while being registered in the challenging Chemical and Biological Engineering undergraduate program. She has been involved with Department activities, the UBC Chem-E-Car team, the Envision Student Team, UBC Imagine Day and the ENGI-You Wellness Initiative.

Although COVID-19 created exceptional challenges to students in the last two years, Meghan was undeterred and determined to provide leadership and positive learning experiences to her fellow students. She led the UBC Chem-E-Car team to first place in both the 2021 and 2022 AIChE Pacific North West competitions and successfully co-chaired the AIChE 2021 virtual regional conference.

When asked about the individuals who inspire her most, Meghan says “Although it sounds cheesy, it has to be my parents. My mom showed me the importance of giving back, and being involved in my community. My dad is an engineer and has pushed me to follow my dreams, and has been my biggest supporter when studying to become an engineer.”

Meghan has been a constant volunteer. She stepped up to engage with new students, assisting them in transitioning to UBC engineering. She is now a Senior Leader, coordinating other volunteers and managing events. With the ENGI-You Wellness Initiative, she provides mental health support resources and events to students. This initiative has been particularly valuable to students during the COVID pandemic.

“I think my passion for volunteering and getting involved has to come from giving back to my community. Over the years, so many have supported me, and I wanted to reciprocate that kindness and support. What better way to do that then get involved, volunteer and support others,” says Meghan.

Meghan Cooke is an exceptional volunteer and leader and is truly invested in advancing engineering through extracurricular activities. Through her leadership and activities, she has made a positive impact and is a wonderful role model.

Congratulations Meghan!