Dr. David Wilkinson Receives Award from the Electrochemical Society

Image of Dr. David Wilkinson

CHBE Professor, Associate Head and Canadian Research Chair in Clean Energy and Electrochemical Technologies (Tier 1), David P. Wilkinson, received the Canada Section Electrochemical Award from The Electrochemical Society in June of 2022.

The award, established in 1981 and awarded every four years, recognizes significant contributions to the advancement of electrochemistry in Canada. Recipients of this award have “developed an industrial electrochemical process of recognized commercial importance, has made a significant contribution to fundamental electrochemical science, has had a distinguished career as an educator in the field of electrochemistry and/or have organized and developed technical training courses in electrochemistry, or has promoted or stimulated applied electrochemical research and development”.

Image of Award

The last recipient of this award from the University of British Columbia was Dr. L Young, former Faculty member of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in 1990.

For more information about the Canada Section Electrochemical Award, visit the ECS website.