CHBE Student Winners at CCEC 2022

Congratulations to all UBC students who have won awards at the Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, held in Vancouver from October 23rd to 26th, 2022!

Winning CHBE students include:

Graduate Student Poster Awards

Ghazal Ghorbani
Graduate student in Dr. Fariborz Taghipour’s research group
Separations and Environment category
Poster: Development of UV-LED activated semiconductor gas sensors for the selective detection of toxic gases

Amirhossein Saali
Graduate student in Dr. Simcha Srebnik’s research group
Modelling, Computing and Machine Learning category
Poster: Structure-based model for the oligomerization of amyloid-β proteins

Anderson Thiago Vasconcelos Viega
Graduate student in Dr. Emily Cranston’s research group
Bioproducts and Bioinspired Materials category
Poster: Labelled pulp fibres for high contrast images in advanced microscopy

Victoria French
Graduate student in Dr. Johan Foster’s research group
Bioproducts and Bioinspired Materials category
Poster: Mycelium Composite Materials with Enhanced Filtration Efficiency

Reg Friesen Student Oral Paper Competition

Bashira Salami, CHBE undergraduate student, received 2nd place in the Reg Friesen Student Oral Paper Competition.

This competition was intended to encourage students to present non-technical papers on topics such as critical evaluation of their educational experiences, innovative learning or teaching strategies and materials and other topics that address chemistry of chemical engineering education.

Bashira is part of a cohort of student research assistants that participated in a co-design process for the development of a transdisciplinary PhD program, pioneered by Professors Naoko Ellis and Derek Gladwin at UBC. The program aims to encourage researchers to update a transdisciplinary approach for addressing climate change. (More details on PhD program here). At CCEC 2022, some of these co-designers presented a walkthrough of their co-design experiences, and brought forward their insights gained from defining transdisciplinarity for themselves, the challenges encountered during this co-design process and how their reflections shaped their final deliverable (the PhD program design).

Zeton Plant Design Competition

A CHBE Capstone Team, represented by Samuel Lee, Aman Tithh and Pavle Pavlovic, placed 2nd in the Zeton Plant Design Competition.

The Zeton Plant Design Competition at the CCEC 2022 was offered for students enrolled in undergraduate chemical engineering programs at Canadian universities, who worked on a plant design project, usually during their final year of study.

Teams had to compete in both a poster competition and an oral competition.

Congratulations to the presenters and to all of team “P3”:
Pavle Pavlovic
Ronak Vimadalal
Cassidy Ho
Samuel Lee
Iram Malik
Aman Tithh

Find their capstone poster on the CHBE website.