Vladan Prodanovic

Associate Professor of Teaching

Office: CHBE 241

Email: vladan.prodanovic@ubc.ca

Research Summary

Clean Energy Engineering Program (CEEN) Thermodynamics, two-phase flow and heat transfer, jet impingement boiling, HVAC, Engineering education, project based learning, clean energy curriculum development


University of British Columbia, 2001, Ph.D.

University of Belgrade, 1994, M.A.Sc.

University of Belgrade, 1989, B.A.Sc.

Research interests + projects

My professional interest and expertise is in the area of thermodynamics, heat transfer and multiphase flows, particularly in boiling heat transfer. Over the course of my research career, I worked on a number of theoretical studies and models of the boiling phenomena as well as on their practical applications in nuclear industry and metallurgy. Current research projects, in collaboration with industrial partners such as ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Dillingen Hütte, Posco and Siemens, are related to jet impingement boiling and heat transfer modelling for improvement of cooling techniques during steel production in hot strip and hot plate mills.

Over time, my professional career has taken the direction of the academic teaching stream, resulting in genuine interest in engineering education, particularly in first year engineering curriculum, implementation of project based learning and outreach programs. I actively participate in research activities as a member of the Centre for Research in Engineering Education (CREEd). More recently, I became involved with curriculum development of a graduate level program in Clean Energy Engineering. In an ongoing effort to further improve this specific curriculum and course delivery, implementation of innovative teaching techniques and flexible learning have become my main focus. I am particularly interested in further inclusion of Energy Efficiency of Buildings and Green Building Design in the Clean Energy program portfolio.

Scholarly and professional activities + affiliations

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA)

Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS)

Centre for Metallurgical Process Engineering (CMPE)

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia

Selected publications + presentations

Nobari A.H., Prodanovic V., Militzer M., “Modeling of Heat Transfer during Cooling of a Hot Steel Plate”, MS&T 2013 Conference, Montreal, QC, October 2013

Militzer M., Prodanovic V., Jia T., Garcin T., “Process Model for Accelerated Cooling of Hot-rolled Low-carbon Steels“, ICME 2013, Salt Lake City, Utah, 7-11 July 2013

Chester N.L., Wells M.A., Prodanovic V., “Effect Of Inclination Angle and Flow Rate on the Heat Transfer During Bottom Jet Cooling of a Steel Plate”, ASME, Journal of Heat Transfer, Vol. 134 (2012)

Vakili S., Nobari A.H., Prodanovic V., Militzer M., “Accelerated Cooling Model for Hot Rolled Steel Products”, 4th Int. Conference. on Thermomechanical Processing of Steel, September 10-12, Sheffield, UK (2012)

Prodanovic V., Militzer M., Schorr R., Tacke K.H. and Kirsch H.J., “Experimental Investigation of Submerged Jets during Accelerated Cooling of Plates”, International Symposium on the Recent Developments in Plate Steels, Winter Park, Colorado, June 2011.