Richard Kerekes

Professor Emeritus


Research Summary

Fibre Processing and Papermaking Technology


McGill University, 1970, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering

University of Toronto, 1965, M.A.Sc., Mechanical Engineering

University of Toronto, 1963, B.A.Sc., Mechanical Engineering

Research interests + projects

Dr. Kerekes’ research interests are fibre processing and papermaking technology.

In fibre processing, his main interest is pulp refining, a mechanical process employed to improve fibre quality for papermaking. Recent work has focused on understanding the forces in refiners which bring about desired changes in fibre properties, in particular for the case of thin bars. This research extends earlier studies of energy imparted to fibres during bar crossings, known as Kerekes’ “C Factor” theory.

Research in papermaking has focused on the hydrodynamics of blade formers. As part of this research, fibre suspensions have been characterized for papermaking by a Crowding Number. In recent work, critical values of this dimensionless number have been related to connectivity and rigidity thresholds predicted by effective-medium and percolation theories for fibrous networks.

Work on wet pressing has focused on extending the Decreasing Permeability Model to equilibrium conditions. This extended model has been used to estimate the limits of wet pressing attainable on commercial paper machines.

Scholarly and professional activities + affiliations

UBC Pulp and Paper Centre (Founding Director)

Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada

Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry

Canadian Academy of Engineering

International Academy of Wood Science

Chemical Institute of Canada

Selected publications + presentations

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