Pranav Chintalapati

Assistant Professor of Teaching

Director, MEL Program in Integrated Water Management

Office: CHBE 401


Research Summary

Engineering Education, Experiential Learning, Systems Thinking, System Dynamics Modelling, Global and Community-based Engineering, Water Quality, Sustainable Water Access


University of Colorado, Boulder, 2021, Ph.D., Environmental Engineering

University of British Columbia, 2017, M.A.Sc., Chemical Engineering

University of British Columbia, 2012, B.A.Sc., Chemical Engineering

Research interests + projects

I’m interested in adaptable approaches for developing engineering knowledge, and I think experiential learning can offer an integrated, holistic learning process. Whether that be in the lab, classroom or working with communities, I’m curious about how courses can be structured to create authentic experiences where students are simultaneously developing a variety of skills by applying and reinforcing engineering fundamentals while navigating the dynamics of teamwork, communication and project management.

My past research has focused on different aspects of sustainable water access and water quality, primarily in under-resourced contexts. Most recently, I’ve worked on the application of systems approaches to improve the reliability of rural water services in East Africa. Drawing from my past research, I continue to be interested in how systems thinking and community-based engineering can enhance engineering education.

Full Publication List

Awards and honours

CHBE Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award, 2022W

Selected publications + presentations

Chintalapati, P., Nyaga, C., Walters, J., Koehler, J., Javernick-Will, A., Hope, R., Linden, K. (2022). “Improving the Reliability of Water Service Delivery in Rural Kenya through Professionalized Maintenance: A System Dynamics Perspective“. Environmental Science & Technology.

Chintalapati, P. (2022). “Assessing the Shift to an Inquiry-Based Approach in 2nd Year Chemical Engineering Labs on Observed Student Engagement and Self-Reported Understanding“. Proceedings of the Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA).

Libey, A., Chintalapati, P., Kathuni, S., Amadei, B., Thomas, E. (2022). “Turn up the dial: System dynamics modeling of resource allocations toward rural water supply maintenance in East Africa“. Journal of Environmental Engineering.

Lockwood, H., Chintalapati, P., Cord, C., Libey, A. (2021). “A roadmap for system strengthening for professionalized rural water maintenance services“. United States Agency for International Development.

Dixit, F., Chintalapati, P., Barbeau, B., Han, M., Whittaker, T., Mohseni, M. (2021). “Ion Exchange and Vacuum UV: A combined approach for removing organic matter and microcystins from natural waters”. Chemical Engineering Journal (414).