Dr. Naoko Ellis, Part of Systems Beings Lab, Receives $20,000 PHH Priority Thematic Research Incubator Grant

CHBE professor Dr. Naoko Ellis, part of a team led by Dr. Derek Gladwin, recently received a $20,000 UBC Public Humanities Hub (PHH) Priority Thematic Research Incubator Grant for their project, “Sustainable Sound Installations: Harmonizing Aesthetics, Education, and Upcycling.” The project and team are affiliated with the Systems Beings Lab, a transdisciplinary research collective centered upon systems and complexity education at UBC.

This project integrates sound, aesthetics, regenerative design, and sustainable engineering to create, install, and exhibit wood sound speakers at UBC. It aims to enhance the public’s aesthetic experience, with the wood resonators serving as eco-aesthetic representations incorporating humanistic and environmental elements. The project plans to install the resonators inside the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) and at another external space on the UBC campus. Research on public and user impact will be conducted to assess the broader implications of the resonator installations and their scalability for future funding. 

Congratulation Dr. Ellis and team!