UBC wins ChemEcar and Oral Presentation Competition

UBC ChemEcar Team Photo
Amelia Dai wins first place in the Oral Presentation Competition

UBC students have won both the ChemEcar competition and Oral Presentation competition at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Pacific Northwest (PNW) student conference at Oregon State University held April 14 and 15, 2023. The ChemEcar team submitted two cars, Super Blueper and Keep Your Ion the Prize. Super Blueper won both the ChemEcar performance competition and poster competition. Keep your Ion the Prize won the most creative car prize as well as a third place poster prize.

Amelia Dai, a fourth year Chemical and Biological Engineering Student, won first place in the Oral Presentation competition for presenting her work on 3D modelling of proton-exchange membrane water electrolyser flow fields. The winners from ChemEcar and the Oral Presentation competition have now qualified to compete at the AIChE Annual student conference in November 2023 in Orlando Florida.

Visit the UBC Envision team website to find out more about Chem-E-Car.