Mark Martinez


Director, Advanced Papermaking Initiative (API)

Office: PPC 217


Research Summary

Transport Phenomena, flow visualization, multiphase flows, quantitative microscopy


University of British Columbia, 1995, Ph.D.

University of Toronto, 1990, M.A.Sc.

University of Toronto, 1987, B.A.Sc.

Research interests + projects

ERMP Phase 3: Understanding Energy Reduction and Developing Higher-Value Markets for Mechanical Pulps (research consortium sponsored by AB Enzymes, Alberta Newsprint, BC Hydro, Canfor, FP Innovations, Holmen, Millar Western, Paper Excellence, Valmet, West Fraser and NSERC)

Rapid 3D printing of tough hydrogel films and tubing through reactive hydrodynamic focusing (sponsored by NSERC, BioForm Solutions)

Scholarly and professional activities + affiliations

Pulp and Paper Technical Association (Canada)

Institute of Applied Mathematics

Selected publications + presentations

Li, Z., Soto, M. A., Drummond, J. G., Martinez, D. M., Hamad, W. Y., & MacLachlan, M. J. (2023). Cellulose Nanocrystal Gels with Tunable Mechanical Properties from Hybrid Thermal Strategies. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces15(6), 8406-8414.

Ferreira, E. S., Drummond, J., Veiga, A. T., Sibellas, A., Brown, S., Cranston, E. D., & Martinez, D. M. (2023). Mapping absorbency in cellulosic fibres with iron tracers. Carbohydrate Polymers, 120785.

Rahmani, M., Banaei, A. A., Brandt, L., & Martinez, D. M. (2023). Stochastic model for predicting the shape of flexible fibers in suspensions. Physical Review Fluids8(2), 024306.

Villalba, M. E., Daneshi, M., Chaparian, E., & Martinez, D. M. (2023). Atypical plug formation in internal elastoviscoplastic fluid flows over non-smooth topologies. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 105078.

Paterson, D. T., Eaves, T. S., Hewitt, D. R., Balmforth, N. J., & Martinez, D. M. (2022). One-dimensional compression of a saturated elastoviscoplastic medium. Physical Review Fluids, 7(5), 054303