Richard Kerekes – CHBE Hall of Fame

Portrait of Richard Kerekes in black and white.

PHD, P.ENG. (1979–2009), FCAE
Honorary Professor (1978–2001), Professor (2001–2005), UBC Chemical and Biological Engineering
Paprican Professor of Pulp and Paper Engineering (2001–2005)
Founding Director, UBC Pulp and Paper Centre (1983–2005)

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the UBC Pulp and Paper Centre, the department and its student body, and the profession of chemical and biological engineering, including his national leadership and seminal research toward fundamental understanding and technology development to improve fibre quality for paper-making.
Dr. Kerekes is widely regarded as one of Canada’s most important and influential scholars in the areas of fibre processing and papermaking technology, and is the recipient of the John S. Bates Memorial Gold Medal of the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada and the TAPPI Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal. In 2018, Dr. Kerekes was inducted into the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame in Appleton, WI.