Rona Hatt – CHBE Hall of Fame

B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, UBC (1922)

In recognition of being Canada’s first female Chemical Engineer, and thus an enduring and potent exemplar to all women striving to pursue and contribute to the engineering sciences. Rona Hatt began pursuing an undergraduate degree at UBC in 1917.  In her common first-year of studies, Rona found she enjoyed chemistry and elected to enrol in the UBC Chemical Engineering program. She was the very first female student in the department and in all of engineering at UBC.  In 1922, Rona Hatt graduated to become Canada’s first female chemical engineer.  It was then a full 25 years before another woman received a degree in engineering at UBC.  Rona went on to work in the UBC Chemical Engineering Department, and then transitioned to a career in education, serving both as a teacher at Victoria High School and as the primary designer of a revised chemistry Grade 12 correspondence course for the province. A maverick and true inspiration, Rona Hatt opened paths that continue to create equity and opportunity in engineering.