Norman Epstein – CHBE Hall of Fame

Photo Credit: Jim Banham

Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering (1954 – 1988)

In recognition of his exceptional service to the profession and department. Dr. Epstein is a true leader in fostering an inclusive departmental and professional community that supports learning and scholarship, societal and professional service, innovation, and compassion. He is among Canada’s best-known chemical engineers due to his long service to the profession and his many seminal research contributions in the areas of spouted beds, for which he is regarded as a thought leader, as well as heat exchanger fouling, liquid-solid and three-phase fluidization, and dynamic particulate processes such as sedimentation. Dr. Epstein served as editor of the Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering and as President of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering. Dr. Epstein is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, an honorary fellow of the Canadian Institute of Chemistry, and the recipient of many prestigious awards, including the Jules Stachiewicz Medal and the R.S. Jane Award.