Safety Policy

The University of British Columbia’s Safety Policy

The University aims to provide a safe, healthy and secure environment in which to carry on the University’s affairs. All possible preventive measures are taken to eliminate accidental injuries, occupational diseases and risks to personal security.

Compliance with the Workers’ Compensation Act, WHMIS and related legislation is the minimum standard acceptable. All students and members of faculty and staff are encouraged to strive to exceed these minimum legal standards

The University

It is the responsibility of the University acting through administrative heads of the unit to:

  • provide a safe, healthy and secure working environment;
  • ensure regular inspections are made and take action as required to improve unsafe conditions;
  • ensure that health, safety, and personal security considerations form an integral part of the design, construction, purchase and maintenance of all buildings, equipment and work processes;
  • provide first aid facilities where appropriate;
  • support supervisors and safety committees in the implementation of an effective health, safety and security program;
  • ensure compliance with WCB and other applicable legislation;
  • establish department or building safety committees;
  • communicate with the university community or affected groups about events or situations when potentially harmful conditions arise or are discovered;
  • ensure adequate resources are available to implement appropriate procedures.

The Supervisor

It is the responsibility of supervisory staff to:

  • formulate specific safety rules and safe work procedures for their area of supervision;
  • ensure that all employees under their supervision are aware of safety practices and follow safety procedures;
  • provide training in the safe operation of equipment;
  • inspect regularly their areas for hazardous conditions;
  • correct promptly unsafe work practices or hazardous conditions;
  • be responsive to concerns expressed about personal security and investigate any accidents, incidents or personal security concerns which have occurred in their area of responsibility;
  • report any accidents or incidents involving personal security to the appropriate University authority;
  • participate, if requested, on department or building safety committees.

Individual Students and Members of Staff and Faculty

It is the responsibility of individual students and members of faculty and staff to:

  • observe safety rules and procedures established by supervisory staff, administrative heads of unit and the University;
  • be safety-conscious in all activities, be they work, study or recreation;
  • report as soon as possible any accident, injury, unsafe condition, insecure condition or threats to personal security to a supervisor or administrative head of unit;
  • use properly and care for adequately personal protective equipment provided by the University;
  • participate, if elected or appointed, on departmental or building safety committees.