Program Review


A system for evaluating the operation of the safety and health program must be initiated. The purpose of a program review is to determine and implement changes needed to improve worker safety and health protection. The program review assesses the effectiveness of each element.

Departmental Requirements – Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering conducts a review of its Health and Safety Program on an annual basis. The purposes of these reviews are to:

  • inform the strengths of the Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Program
  • identify where the OSH Program is not in compliance with the WCB Regulation
  • identify where the OSH Program could be further improved so as to achieve higher levels of health, safety as well as compliance
  • assist the Faculty in reducing accidents and claims costs.

The local Safety Program Administrator and members of the Safety Committee are responsible for conducting these reviews in accordance with established program review procedures. All of the elements stated in the safety program manual are reviewed. The process considers the potential for future injury or loss and is a useful indicator of the faculty’s current safety effort.

A written report is presented to the Dean and all levels of management upon completion of the review. Management then authorizes and implements measures to improve the Faculty Safety Program. The report is posted and available to all employees.

Management takes action on the evaluation report by:

  • developing an action plan
  • prioritizing recommendations
  • assigning accountability
  • conducting a follow up.

All program review activities are documented to meet due diligence requirements.