Personal Security and Public Safety


To provide all members of the University Community including faculty, staff and students with an environment safe from violence or the threat of violence.

Departmental Requirements – Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

The University is committed to taking appropriate action(s) whenever possible to eliminate or minimize the risk or threat of violence to faculty, staff, students and visitors. Where the risk or threat of violence exists, the WCB requires the University to develop a “Preventing Violence in the Workplace Program”.

To meet this requirement a risk assessment should be developed. This includes:

  • Risk Assessments

The Safety Coordinator must conduct a risk assessment in any workplace in which a risk of injury to workers from violence arising out of their employment may be present.

When conducting the risk assessments the Coordinator should consider:

  • The nature of interactions between workers and the public
  • The nature of the work environment
  • The attributes of workers/clients
  • Past history of incidents of violence in your workplace and in similar operations
  • This could include but is not limited to:
  • A work site walk about with affected staff
  • An employee personal security survey
  • Selected interviews with workers
  • A review of crime or incident reports

Members of the Safety Committee should review the risk assessment to ensure that they are properly conducted. The Dean or delegate is responsible for the implementation of recommendations.

  • Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures have been developed to address threats to personal security. These include:

APPENDIX C – Preventing Violence in the Workplace Program

  • Instruction of Workers

Supervisors inform workers of the nature and extent of the risk of violence that they may be exposed to. Supervisors provide appropriate training to enable workers to recognize the risk, take preventative measures and report incidents. This information is communicated during orientation and on-the-job training.

Workers who are faced with the imminent threat of violence should call “911” and then Campus Security at (2-2222) when it is safe to do so. This could include such situations as personal threats of violence, threatening letters and/or bomb threats.

  • Response to Incidents

Workers are instructed to report all incidents of violence to the area supervisor. The area supervisor will then:

  • ensure that injured workers are attended to and that they are advised to consult a physician as well as being informed that counseling is available, if needed
  • inform the Personal Security Coordinator and Campus Security of the situation
  • investigate the situation
  • take steps, if able, to prevent or minimize repeat occurrences; otherwise, report the situation to senior management for correction.


Deans, Directors or Administrative Heads of Units:

  • Establish and maintain a personal security and public safety policy.
  • Ensure that supervisors and managers are trained and knowledgeable of their responsibilities in preventing or minimizing safety and security risks.

Designated Safety Coordinator:

  • Develop procedures for reporting and responding to personal security incidents.
  • Monitor the violence in the workplace prevention program for compliance with WCB and internal requirements.
  • Communicate concerns to Administrative Heads.

Supervisors (Faculty, Managers, Principle Investigators, Technicians, Supervisors, etc.):

  • Develop procedures for reporting and responding to personal security incidents.
  • Ensure that employees are instructed and trained in identifying and dealing with situations where the risk of violence is possible.
  • Fulfill responsibilities as outlined in the personal security and public safety policy.
  • Identify potential risks related to personal security and violence in the workplace.

Local Safety Committee Members:

  • Promote a work environment free from violence.
  • Review and monitor the workplace violence prevention program.
  • Recommend actions to improve the effectiveness of the program.

Workers and Students:

  • Observe the established WCB and internal policies and procedures on workplace violence prevention.
  • Take responsibility in developing your own personal plan for dealing with potentially violent or threatening behaviour.
  • Report any real or potential risks to personal security and public safety to the supervisor.