CHBE 223

Research Summary

Catalysis and kinetics focused on residue oil upgrading, natural gas upgrading, methane conversion and syngas conversion


McMaster University, 1983, Ph.D.
University of Natal, 1980, M.Sc.Eng.
University of Natal, 1978, B.Sc.Eng.

Research interests + projects

The aim of our research is to better understand the relationships between heterogeneous catalyst properties, reaction kinetics and reaction mechanisms, so as to assist in the design and development of improved catalysts and catalytic processes. We focus on issues related to the Canadian energy scene. Current research activities include an investigation of hydrogen production by catalytic methane decomposition, synthesis gas conversion to alcohols and hydrocarbons, residue and bio-oil hydroconversion (upgrading) as well as hydrogen storage using heteroaromatic liquids.

Our research approach is based mainly on experimental work. Catalysts are prepared and characterized and experiments are designed to elucidate reaction kinetics and mechanisms. This information is used to build kinetic models that reflect catalyst performance as a function of both the catalyst properties and the process conditions.

Catalyst preparation, characterization and testing is conducted in well equipped laboratories both in CHBE and the Clean Energy Research Center (CERC). Facilities include several fixed-bed and stirred tank reactors coupled to GC, GC/MS and quadrupole MS for product analysis. Catalyst characterization facilities include chemisorption, in situ DRIFTS, N2 adsorption/desorption as well as XRD, TEM/HRTEM and XPS.

Selected publications + presentations

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