Designing and Building the First Transdisciplinary Collaborative PhD Cohort for Climate Emergency

Two CHBE professors, Naoko Ellis (lead PI) and Bhushan Gopaluni, and the team (Amanda Giang, Derek Gladwin, Milind Kandikar, Robert VanWynsberghe, and Hisham Zerriffi) have received $323.5K from the UBC Climate Emergency Fund for designing and building the first collaborative PhD cohort.

The climate emergency requires interdependent strategies of social, technical, educational, and scientific intervention to address. These challenges create a need for broader multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to collaboratively co-create new knowledge and enable change. This project will provide stipend support and program development funding for a PhD student cohort to conduct research in the area of climate emergency through a Collaborative PhD model. Our model aims to bring together highly motivated doctoral students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to approach the climate emergency through integrative scholarship. As envisioned, the Collaborative PhD will build certain core competencies and mindsets that are uniquely suited — and critically needed — for addressing the numerous challenges of climate emergency.